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green crack flowers Serene Farms online dispensary

Cheap Weed Reviews

When it comes to marketing, put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  Do you like pop-up ads? Commercials in the middle of your YouTube video? Ads in the middle of your podcast? Creepy, intrusive Instagram feed ads? Telemarketing phone calls in the middle of the day? […]

serene farm compare with ganja express

Ganja Express Reviews

When trying to decide which online dispensary they should order cannabis from, potential customers are presented with the job of sifting through huge numbers of competing websites.  These customers must somehow decide which of these, if any, are reliable and safe, while also offering good products at reasonable prices […]

serene farms vs weedsmart

Serene Farms Vs Weedsmart.Ca

In recent years there has been a huge growth in the number of online dispensaries operating in Canada. While this opens up many opportunities for anyone interested in purchasing cannabis online, the sheer number of competing sites means attempting to choose the most suitable can be difficult. This article attempts to bring some clarity to the situation by presenting a comparison between two online dispensaries – and Serene Farms. […]

Pink Kush flowers Serene Farms online dispensary

Serene Farms Vs BuyMyWeedOnline

Anyone considering ordering cannabis from a website is presented with a bewildering choice. Over the last few years the number of online dispensaries operating out of Canada offering cannabis products to consumers has grown exponentially. Although this has certainly increased consumer choice, it has also made the situation extremely confusing for potential cannabis customers. This article aims to bring some clarity to this state of affairs by comparing two well-known sites that sell cannabis online – Buymyweedonline and Serene Farms. […]

serene farms vs green society

Serene Farms Vs Green Society

Green Society is one of the best known online dispensaries and likely to be recognised by many cannabis users.  In this article we examine this popular site and evaluate its reputation for reliability, products and price. In order to contextualise the performance of Green Society, we match against a competing online dispensary – Serene Farms. […]

serene farms vs ganja express

Serene Farms Vs Ganja Express

The rapid rise in popularity of online dispensaries has only increased consumer concerns over the safety and reliability of their transactions. The huge array of online vendors now available for anyone wishing to shop for cannabis online has given customers a bewildering choice. This article aims to bring some clarity to the confusion by comparing two well-known sites. […]

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