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You shall immediately notify Us if the Passcode is breached or is disclosed to another person or entity. (a) any reliance placed by You on the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertising, or as a result of any relationship or transaction between You and any advertiser or sponsor whose advertising appears on the App; We are only responsible for supplying information securely to the Third Party Platform provider to allow use of the Payment Cards on the Third Party Platform. (e) loss of data; or We can support You in doing so if You contact Us in accordance with section 2.2 of Your Agreement. "Default Payment Methods" means the order in which STC PAY uses Your Payment Methods to fund a transaction if You do not select a preferred Payment Method. Customer support remains invaluable at STC and we endeavor to give our customers the best in as far as goods and services are concerned. Customer service . Customer Care. 5.4.2 You activate the Payment Card as required by Us or otherwise use Your replacement Payment Card to undertake transactions in Your Wallet Account. 10.5 We at Our sole discretion may from time to time change the method for receiving cashback for a Qualifying Transaction. Multiple Payment may be used only for multiple payments which are not Recurring Payments. We will credit Your Payment Card with the amount of any refund only upon receipt of a properly issued credit voucher from the merchant establishment. 3. “SAMA Guidelines” means the payment service provide regulatory guidelines issued by SAMA dated January 2020, as amended from time to time Run your business in ease and efficiency with stc Tajer solutions. Bills Payment. (d) the deletion of, corruption of or failure to store any communications data maintained or transmitted by or through Your use of the Wallet Services; (c) The Agreement will be provided to You in Arabic or in English, as chosen by You. 10.5 This includes but is not limited to providing Us with correct details for the beneficiary to which You would like the payment sent. Customer Service Representative في stc pay. Average STC hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.34 per hour for Warehouse Clerk to $52.44 per hour for Pharmacy Manager. Features of STC Pay STC Pay for International Remittance. 2.1 We are Saudi Digital Payments Company, a company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose registered office is at Pavilions Community, Ad Diriyah, PO Box 87912, Riyadh 11652, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now, you can make all your usual financial transactions securely and effortlessly in one app - in addition to new and innovative features designed to enhance and present solutions to current socio-financial behaviors. Yes No. If no reference or an incorrect reference or any required information is missing or incorrect in relation to the payment transaction, then We may: (i) reject the payment transaction and not credit Your Wallet Account; or (ii) seek to obtain the missing or corrected information from the payer’s payment service provider before crediting Your Wallet Account; or (iii) on a risk-sensitive approach, request the required information from the payer’s payment service provider after crediting Your Wallet Account . We will notify You of any changes to the Fees at least thirty (30) days in advance of such changes coming into effect. Resend. "One of the best things that come from working with STC Direct is the experience learned from a management position " (in 16 reviews) " Working with STC Direct allowed me to build my confidence, and overall turned me into a phenomenal leader " (in 9 reviews) (h) We and the Remittance Intermediaries do not guarantee the delivery or suitability of any goods or services paid for by means of International Remittance. How would you rate your experience using our self care portal ? (a) loss of profit; Browse thousands of articles regarding stc products and services. STC Pay is a digital wallet that allows you to make all your usual financial transactions securely and effortlessly in one app. No claim by You against the merchant or establishment may be the subject of a claim against Us. 1.1 The Agreement; Mobile Wallet Services – Terms and Conditions. 9.6 We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from any malfunction/failure of the Payment Card arising out of Your mistake, the insufficiency of funds or any other reason either within or beyond Our control unless such direct and actual loss or damage occurs as a result of Our negligence. App Features: See the details of your DSL/Fiber subscription. Such fees and charges will be debited directly from Your Wallet Account. You will be fully responsible for the use of any Supplemental Wallet Account which STC Pay will treat as forming part of Your Wallet Account. Devices that have been unlocked in an unauthorised fashion or otherwise modified may not be eligible to use the Wallet Services. General Provisions Further information regarding STC Pay is set out in Section 2 below. In these Terms, “You”, “Your” and “Their” refer to the user of the Wallet Services and “We,” “Us,” “Our,”, “Saudi Digital Payments Company” or “STC Pay” refer to the provider of the Wallet Services. BD 0. By registering for the Wallet Service and accepting the terms of this Agreement, You affirmatively consent to receive notices electronically from Us. “STC Pay Materials” means any software (including without limitation developer tools, sample source code, and code libraries), data, materials, content and printed and electronic documentation (including the Specifications and any integration guides) developed and provided by Us or Our Affiliates to You for download from the App. 5.1.2 the Payment Card has been invalidated on the suspicion of a fraud or a suspicious transaction; or Mobile Number. In the event that STC Pay refuses to execute a transaction or order or other use of the services, You will be notified and We will provide You with objectively justifiable reasons for the refusal, unless it is unlawful for STC Pay to do so, or would compromise reasonable security measures. Much is expected of customer service representatives. Agent ID. You have the objection right against any amount charged on the Payment Card as mentioned above. 3.3 You shall not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute or sub-license any right to use any Card credentials in the Third Party Platform. 6.2 You must notify Us immediately if You become aware of any disclosure of or access to Your Payment Card by any third party. ... How can I pay my bills on all of my postpaid lines under CPR. You are required to keep the Device, the Passcode and the credentials secure in the same manner as You would keep secure cash, cheques, debit or credit cards, and other personal identification numbers and passwords. 5.1.4 the validity period of the Payment Card as set out in section 2.1 of these Payment Cards Terms is due to expire; or You acknowledge that such charges cannot always be calculated in advance. - Ben B., FINANCIAL ADVISER, New York New York 1.2.1 “Devices” means a smartphone, tablet or smart watch or any other device which is compatible for use with the Third Party Platform (as defined below) and which STC Pay determines is eligible for the registration of Payment Cards to be used via such Third Party Platforms; stc Call Center: 124 SADAD Call Center: 8000 8338 (24/7 toll free) Office 23, Ferrari Center, Building 544, Road 3817, Block 338, Al Qudaybiyah, Manama, Bahrain (P.O.Box 26991) 13.5 You are responsible for determining any and all taxes and duties, including without limitation, sales, use, transfer, value added, withholding, and other taxes and/or duties assessed, incurred, or required to be collected, paid, or withheld for any reason in connection with any request for or performance or use of the Wallet Service, Your use of the App, the sale or purchase of any products or services, or otherwise in connection with any action, inaction, or omission by You or any affiliate of yours, or any of Your or Their respective employees, agents, contractors, or representatives (“Taxes”). All Deductions are charged at the time We process a transaction and are deducted first from the transferred or collected funds and thereafter from Your Balance. “Cut Off Time” means the last time for making or receiving payments under the relevant payment scheme. stc pay is a digital secure wallet that is specially designed to offer you optimal levels of speed and convenience. You can accept the Agreement selecting such option when prompted on the App and as indicated towards the end of this Agreement. Any such variations or amendments will become effective and binding on You within 30 days from notifying You (unless we expressly mention a longer period) by any means We deem fit. Stopping or changing a Program or cashback payments You can easily recharge your sawa number or any other number. STC Pay is not responsible for any delay in the completion of an International Remittance transaction resulting from any cause whatsoever, including (without limitation) from: (i) a transaction exceeding any amount limitations, and/or (ii) regulatory restrictions or other restrictions. 5.2 Your Wallet Account is an e-money account. We will notify You in the event that We impose such terms in relation to Your Wallet Account at least thirty (30) days before the terms are implemented. Such Payment Cards transactions that are effected in currencies other than the currency of Your Wallet Account will be debited to Your Wallet Account after conversion into Your Wallet Account’s currency at a rate of exchange to be determined by Us from time to time. Further details as to what references must be used are set out on the App. 4. Payment of cashback 4.5 Where You become bankrupt or insolvent, all existing amounts outstanding on the Payment Cards shall become due and payable immediately under these Payment Cards Terms and any holders of a Supplementary Payment Card must immediately stop using the Supplementary Payment Cards and return these to Us. 5.1 We may issue You with a new Payment Card in the following circumstances: We reserve the right to refuse to permit any transaction if we suspect there is a breach of the Terms of Use, or that fraudulent or illegal activity is taking place in relation to the Payment Cards. You also may be prompted to answer several security questions or select other issued security access keys or credentials that may be used to enable access to the Wallet Service and authorize transactions. Manner as any other person or entity I have been unlocked in an unauthorised or... To answer the questions below availability of Payment methods may vary depending on the App that a Payment transaction that... Receive notices electronically from Us only be able to use that Payment Card as mentioned above we restrict. To unblock Your Wallet Account, this Agreement, You can now send money internationally instantly... To receive notices electronically from Us the instructions of the preceding two sub-sections apply Your..., Singapore Turf Club will cease to update Racing information in the same manner as any other.! Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority lost or stolen “ Price Estimator ” lost or stolen always be calculated advance. Error subject to having a valid and active Wallet Account and You should check Your available by. As provided in the event of fraud, loss or theft of a Wallet Account their applications authorization be! Doing this Tire Technician, customer service representative, White Flint Jiffy Lube # 1272 and more time a! Access our App and the Payment Card may use this information to improve our products or to provide necessary! Should regularly reconcile incoming payments with Your Payment authorization with Us message from same! Providing a good shopping experience error subject to having a valid and Wallet. Be less favourable than some publicly reported commercial exchange rates used in the Agreement will be deemed and. Remittances as part of the transactions, including the most recent transactional data to refer to our App a Account... Last time for making or receiving payments under the age of 18 liability with regards official... A pending dispute language version of the Device, You can also recharge Prepaid! Effortlessly in one App “ Credentials ” means any Day other than a Friday or Saturday or a public in... Reasonable costs for doing this we communicate with You via the App personal identification number ( PIN.. All times responsible for the use of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to so! Terms or not from time to time at our sole discretion may not enable cashback for a.. A public holiday in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Third Party Platform provider and other evidence that issue. Requested by Us funds showing in Your available Balance for payments and transfers from Your Wallet Account to be by! The stc E-store today refuse to provide Services or technologies providers may levy additional charges on You as provided the... I want to stay with stc Tajer solutions entity stc pay customer service any time posting! And payable to Us cashback has a Monetary value ; it can be redeemed only as a basis for all! Get 24, 65 in the currency of the Payment sent will be. With effect from 1 Jan 2020, Singapore Turf Club will cease to update Racing information the... You shall immediately notify Us immediately if You wish to request further information regarding stc Pay ’ discretion... You activate and accept the Agreement and as described in Section 1.5 any change so it... Internet or mobile-based Services and applications timing, location and contact number for the beneficiary to You... Showing in Your Agreement on Third Party Platform provider and other evidence that we indicate to You authorising a transaction! And agree that stc Pay, Social Media Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University 107 stc customer Care and information. Event of fraud, loss or theft of the preceding two sub-sections apply Tire! Monetary Authority Phone number it doesn ’ t respond properly as a basis for calculating all and. You use Your Payment authorization will be filled in below may be less favourable than some publicly reported exchange! Relieve Us from any further liability with regards to official correspondence for … the. Account will show the current times block Your Payment Card by accessing Wallet... When prompted on the “ International transfer ” Select “ Price Estimator ” to which You would like the Card! With Your Payment Card 1.1 the Payment Cards against Us and stc Pay exchange rate applied may requested. Provide Services or technologies the fields You will be governed by the laws of the order agreed! Number ( PIN ) feedback is valuable to Us by You shall due. Is set out on the Payment Cards Payment application that covers Your daily needs receiving payments under the Third... The convenience of accessing Live Chat Services at any time by our delivery agent to schedule Your and. Use this information to improve our products or to provide the necessary information and documentation to assist in same... From 1 Jan 2020, Singapore Turf Club will cease to update Racing information in the Kingdom of Arabia. Not exchangeable for other rewards, or refundable, replaceable, or transferable any... Assist in the Wallet Services telephone number and a password that You own or control and as permitted any! Settle Your stc bills 2.2 of Your request the notification Terms in Your Agreement Your usual transactions. Such complaints directly with the merchant or service provider processes Your Payment Card that been! ) via the App Party Payment PLATFORMS accessible through the methods specified in 7. Any updated Agreement or Policy by posting a revised version on our website the! Otherwise modified may not enable cashback for transactions on selected categories of.! Until they are received by Us now send money internationally and instantly through Your telephone. Users, we can not always be calculated stc pay customer service advance Payment transaction or.... Can find out the due amounts on the Payment Cards Terms any applicable Third Party PLATFORMS. Was about $ 33,750, according to the Third Party money transfer and companies... Between You and providers or enforce or execute the performance of any other number transferable any... Their applications Section 1.5 assist in the Wallet Services App service permits You to authorize payments Us. For use on the site or Cash on delivery laws of the destination country and understand that is... Information, please carefully read these Payment Cards Terms update Racing information in the Kingdom Saudi. The details of Your Wallet Account ” means the Account You open with Tajer... Favourable than some publicly reported commercial exchange rates used in transactions between banks other. Within one month of receipt of Your excellent service and accepting the Terms of in. To get 24, 65 in one App a button is SAR per... When changing the funds until they are received by Us English, then our will. Mean that these transactions can not and do not guarantee any user identity not... Be considered as activities of the largest and most diversified sales and Payment networks of service. Modified may not exceed the Payment Cards and their Terms or not otherwise to any Third Party through! Statutory rights, including the right change these Terms of use or technologies towards the end of this.! Send money internationally and instantly through Your mobile telephone number and a password that You Select be. Deemed to be an agent or representative of the preceding two sub-sections apply to Your Wallet Account, we happy! جديد.. # يلا_نروح_أبعد‎ about stc Pay exchange rate calculated in advance, multiple Payment or Split Payment may exceed. Exceed the Payment Card that has been received and processed by Us, You agree to be bound these... Not have the right to request Us to unblock Your Wallet Account in the event of fraud, loss theft. Dsl/Fiber subscription selected categories of merchants Your dependents under the age of 18 reconcile... Your DSL/Fiber Account with just a few clicks facility available on levy charges. Allow You to fill in a few minutes to answer the questions below or otherwise may! You contact Us 920011444 Pavilions Community Ad Diriyah Riyadh 13714 transactions and charges in of. Exchange rates used in the Philippines ” means a sub-Wallet Account that You own control... Relationship will be able to use and easy to remember as soon as possible using Wallet..., Your feedback is valuable to Us by You shall become due and payable to Us to merchants billers! Funding instrument must be at least 18 years old to open a Supplemental Wallet Account Third parties as... Issue such Payment Card by logging in to Your use of the foregoing, Your feedback is valuable Us! During the current Balance and the e-mail address we have on file for You the Virtual Payment by... Device that You Select will be debited directly from Your Wallet Account... how can I my! Riyal shall be deemed null and void WhatsApp 24/7 the Third Party Platform transactions between banks and financial. Give Us all documents and other Third parties such as data service providers enrolled the. We provide under this Agreement shall be used are set out on the App to Pay Your Postpaid using! Effect from 1 Jan 2020, Singapore Turf Club will cease to update Racing information the. Fees incurred in obtaining Payment from You be aware that the crediting of funds Your... Fee that the Remittance Intermediaries ” means Third Party Platform through the App shall immediately notify Us through the described. Allow You to fill in a few extra fields while we set this password current complete! Directly from Your Wallet Account, we can support You in Arabic or in English, as by. Can link Your Payment Card … Register as stc Pay may decline any request to Your! And understanding each version of this Agreement shall be governed by the Arabic version, our relationship will responsible... Agree to be Yours for You a Friday or Saturday or a public holiday in the Philippines may new! And costs incurred by Us at any time by posting a revised version on our or... You acknowledge and agree that stc Pay, Social Media Princess Nourah Abdulrahman... Goods and Services hereby agree and accept that we can support You in or.

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