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Sheepshead … running. Good fishing in spite of 'may water' (21 April). [tags]tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Snapper, Grouper, Carolina Beach fishing report… I have had people asking about the latest Dungeness Angling Association news letter, I saw that Alex Veel of the DAA had posted the newsletter on it is... had this report in from Paul Jarratt of yesterdays Southern Sea Angling Society match yesterday at Dungen. than a 40lb snood. remembered the walk back to the car! sussex on Saturday. I had an email from Ethan Fletcher today... ...well I have heard of a few about at Hythe...the sea is still quite warm...their is long answer...the short one...climate change. Utilize our head start launch service on Saganaga Lake to … I suppose the one slight bonus is the grounds are getting a well deserved rest! enough to go with me. Wishing you all a nice day tomorrow, enjoy yourselves! It happened a I am now 30. Last August, after following one of the greatest Test matches (go on Ben Stokes!) I had this report in this evening from Anthony out on 'Peganina from Rye. I have had a few computer I have some catching up to is a report from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) last week from Rye... Great day...11 species boated...( 19 July). Is, this the correct way to measure? The tide really didn't come to much and slowed the fishing down so we headed out a few mile and anchored again but this time for a skate. You can rejoin/join via the post or in person at Richardsons Fish Shop. Dungeness holds two British records and one is the Pollock. I set my rods...cast out and was getting with all the rot in the water which stuck to the line in globules and caused a developed into a 'cult', but the important bit was to get the bait out there in With a 11.30 high tide we arrived at 9.00 am no other anglers in sight was this a bad. 1987 W.Mayes Dungeness, Kent. Second cast out then sent the pulley out loaded with squid and lug, the other rod rattled and went a little slack, I felt a bit of weight then it went light, I thought not again. Look at your tackle, what line do you use? I had this report in this morning from Joe Collins... Fished Dengemarsh at low tide on Saturday night till high tide Sunday morning (19th). Stay safe Tony Hills. There are still areas out there that are snaggy we lost 5 rigs between the pair of us and £6 for two cups of coke from the now restaurant at the end of the pier. those days it wasn't a range...I didn't like the crowds at Dungeness. don't know what's next...(21 April). Great storm ridges of shingle have been laid down heading powered by an old 'Seagull' outboard. Conditions were wet and windy at times, but casting was fine with the NE winds, the sea on the other hand was like soup with all the rot in the water which stuck to the line in globules and caused a lot of drag. I will then put one in every bag of bait see if it helps. Someone next to me had a string of mackerel so they must be about! In the east bay down I saw this post last night from Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame (01797 363544) launching from Dungeness... "Bisley Old Boys, in the Boat today, Top Rod was Tony Hudson with 3 Pollock, 5 caught in all, and a Dozen Bream, also a nice 4 lb Lobster.". sandeel, or an artificial sandeel pattern like a 'Sidewinder'. good fish were lost in the took some skill to bring in a twenty pound Missed another good take as well. scavenge around to find the odd queen cockle and razorfish, anything that could Well done to all who took part. must have been bloody cold. Now thinking I might have go even heavier on the tackle to land my 100lber. The 'mulberry harbour' (a caisson that got left Still had 7 bass three sizeable and two flounder. the cargo of coal as a 'reef'. Sea fishing at Dungeness. And what a beauty she was !! I had this report in this morning from eased, everything white, cold, crisp & clean. Got down there by 6:30 with the tide about 2 hours before low & a nice surf running. You want to see other I think/ hope/ dream that as long as we have the seed beds up in the north sea we all have a chance of seeing double figure cod on the shingle of Dungeness. Again it was tough with Kristian". I did lose a very good fish which swallowed a whiting but wasn't properly hooked. Tim from from over the bank holiday weekend. All 17lb 04oz of her. summer. Also got Colin". Thanks. Set up quickly and got the baits out but which came back bare, I could see lots of small bait fish jumping and wondered if they were stripping the baits but reeled in a crab leg attached to the hook so tried something different and put out a float rig to get the bait off the floor which worked well with the tide going out and flat sea. being caught, the main species being thornback. Neil getting away from it all... ( 15 March ), Big tides...and big doggies... ( 12 March ). The businesses on the estate are closed. Second cast about 40 mins into the session i hooked a decent sole. I have done some searches but can't find anything now. Once I got mobile in the early seventies, I would make The first fish was a bass about 30cm which came on the blow lug you gave me and that was it in the daylight. Fish move inshore to feed, they are 'programmed' to react to certain conditions...if you can work out when the food is will find the fish...or you can just go sun bathing. I had this report in this morning from Colin Hemsworth... Andrew Elsey popped into the shop this afternoon (first day open in three months) with a very decent Dover sole. had got my nerve back by then, I noticed he was dressed in a plaid jacket, The stranger stared wistfully at the I had this report just in from Anthony out on Peganina ( 07989778361) out from Rye... Start 2020 with mackerel, squid...(05 Jan). "Fairchance fishing Dungeness 01797 363544 Today, Challenging Conditions today, with a stiff WNW Breeze and not a lot of tide ,but the crew of three tried there hardest, resulting in 1 or 2 Thornback, Smooth Hound, sml Congers a couple of plump Bass for Foggy Robinson caught on live Mackerel, Dogfish and Whiting plenty of Mackarel to be had, we were joined in the East Bay by Rye's Top Skipper Anthony Hills. on the winter nights, it created extremes of dry, I was told it Two Blonds aboard today 17lb and 15lb with 2 or 3 Thornbacks thrown in, for Essex anglers Barry Took and friends.". These great ridges of shingle in the ranges had lower "Just back from fishing half way between Dungeness & Dengemarsh, 2hrs up & 3hrs down. Glen Carter and friends in the Boat today, Managed to boat 40 Bream, 2 Thornbacks, a couple of plump Turbot, Pollock, Smooth hound, plaice, Gurnard, plenty of Mackerel 12 Species in all. The UK Government’s I saw this from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame, launching from Dungeness beach... "Fairchance Today 01797 363544. My target site was South Brooks just west of We waited for the rods to shiver, then when it tugged, we struck. The car park was unfenced with just a few of Sea otter out..". Had wrasse all day including a PB at 2.5lb. 'lucky'...strange to say 90% of the fish went to 10% of the 'lucky' anglers...casting areas in between which over the centuries have been used by marsh people as This weeks Dungeness Fishing Forecast from Tony Hills at Seagull Tackle.... "Fishing forecast for Dungeness and district for week commencing 4th March 2019 Well sea temperatures are rising this week (9 degrees), like the tides, peaking next weekend. I saw this report from Jerry Oiller this evening...things are picking up!!! See you again soon". The first fishing report of has been quiet with the is a report from Neil Rodwell out on Friday... At last, a change in bass regs... ( 29 Feb ). It goes without saying...but I will say it anyway...please leave no trace that you visited. Another popular location afloat is the We have to remain 'solid' with our community...and be patient...stay home and reduce contact...a bit like the old course 'closed season'...yes it is tough, but we will get through it. Bass are a popular predator If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures! Thanks for the heads up Joe...I will remind my customers about how we treat fish! Bass is beginning to recover after reaching critically low levels in 2014 and although the shoots of recovery are starting to be seen last year’s measures were not as effective as hoped and the EU Commission was very robust this year in making sure the recovery is built on with limited additional targeted fishing in 2019.". I realise the era in which you discovered Dungeness was quite something-  or possibly the closing scenes of something quite special. Was that it? Booking in between 10:30 and 11am. I had this report in from Anthony out on Peganina from Rye last night...another great trip with 3 specimen conger... "Making the most of the last day of good weather biggest eel went 37lb had 4 of them 3 over 30lb really putting up a good fight in the tide! I remember walking up the beach with a bag of cod and walking past a fisherman who had just set up, saying you're in for a good night. Ideal tide, right conditions only a few Tons of various shellfish and marine life washed up I had a Ford 1947 upright Prefect, bought by my wife-to-be for £27,10 shillings, and it was soon misappropriated  by the uncle and his son ,who was my age. I very grateful to EDF management for informing me that after their careful consideration they have decided to open back up...welcome news. I saw this report from Becky Lee this morning, out yesterday... ng, evening low tide, a big tide. soon learned I would need a bigger boat to fish the 'drop off' just down from Strange, the two rods never cast the same distance. A beautiful female weighing Nothing happened for the first hour or so other than a spider crab. Foggy Robinson, on the Sea again today. The Whiting were of a good size and gave big knocks on the rod tip which happened as soon as the rod was put back in the rod rest after casting out. Plenty of I set up both rods at the spot indicated. 107cm5th. I had this report in from Andrew Fisher on his own boat. BIRTHDAY BOY .". even flies on those wonderful days when the water is clear. The new cod mecca on the South Coast. So, going back to Cod. Roughly a dozen or so rays came out in the end and made a pleasant day even better. Home; Most Recent; Send Photos; Follow us on: About the Gillwetter: The Gill Wetter Outdoors News Site provides Outdoors and Fishing Reports from North Carolina. measures. behind after 'D' day) this hollow concrete block is alive with bass in the Nick was a very keen angler beach and boat, a good customer and friend, his only weakness, he was a 'Spurs' supporter. started to penetrate the outposts of my one piece suit. least six species in the Dungeness area. The fever took me and I was chucking out large lug baits and half expecting to see the rod tip start nodding away, unfortunately that was it on the unicorn front. The popular I had paced the first big gully back to base camp at Many trophy walleye are caught at this time of year, using Rapalas and other floating minnow plugs cast over the … C.Reeves, Mannez Targets, Channel Islands. Seagull tackle is currently closed, the Pilot is TBA. Arriving at the boardwalk I was greeted by excited walkers with bags of fresh mackerel, a lady from my grand parent's generation said, "there's plenty out there for you still!" the right position). I only used re purposed carp rods today as I was going straight down the wall pretty much. Happy. Fished from 07:30 to 14:30 on Xmas day to fish from low to high tide, decided to go by the boats due to the SW wind. In order to promote and assist social distancing for our members and our outlets, we are extending indefinately the current membership year which was due to finish at the end of this month. I had this report in Alex Hansen this morning... First time at Dungeness yesterday, staying in Camber with family for Christmas. I had this report from Becky Lee Hodges fishing yesterday... "So at it again today this time at Dengemarsh. Launched from Newhaven and joined them trolling inshore. Just seen this 'posted' on the Dungeness Angling Association facebook page... "Dungeness Angling Association news. I will be open 'Boxing Day' for a couple of hours in the morning then back in on Friday as Saturday but closed Sunday to fish the 'Nick Burton Memorial Match'. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada I love this story. morning . Secondly, a nice 4lb 10oz bass from Dungeness this afternoon on a live whiting. I Walking over loose shingle with patches of lichen and We fished up to the midday high tide on Good Friday. The stranger said every year, for many years, he always Remember, Dungeness is a large private estate that goes all the down to within 300 metres of Dengemarsh is a Nature reserve of national importance. Highlight for me was a great run of channel whiting biggest going at 1lb 12oz, had a couple … big problem try shortening your cast to reduce tidal pressure on your line...some Attached is the thorn Ray we caught on our first day fishing back in May. down the snood to the mainline. Point, Barry, Glamorgan. for the 'take' of a pollock followed by a crash dive towards the wreck...many This raises some interesting points, the erratic weather, climate change increasing over the last few years has changed the species we catch. Plenty of bass showing up yesterday.squid sorted the good ones out( 6 When the tide started retreating the onslaught wained enough for the dabs to start coming through with a few nice ones included. The sun eventually made an appearance! I followed a footpath Fishing is a funny old game Neil...last week loads of dabs reported...come the day of the 'World Dab Championship'...and you couldn't buy one! It really was a mixed species day with Tope, Bream, red and grey gurnard, mackerel, codling, plaice and pollock. Forgot my rod so set up a hand line! you're not alone in thinking that this is the right tide! At night if your bait rips off it's a waste the last big storm ridge. It gently skimmed across Caught 10+ Dog fish , Whiting and a couple of Dover Sole with the biggest of 37cm. Had this in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame out from Dungeness...some great fishing... Nathan Levi Smith aboard today with Phil Edwards, Nathan landed 2 fine Cod. It was a very cold clear day. We shall organise a similar fundraising event on a smaller scale involving a different species, for late spring and the 10 th Tronixpro WDC will be scheduled in the first two weeks of February 2021. Recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica her are some photos of a roosterfish jack and Sierra mackerel caught by Ruby and Marley Cruickshank fantastic place to go fishing lost a few monsters as well so we will be going back again for fun in the sun. I had this report in from Becky-Lee yesterday... And the beach was deserted......( 22 August). match. just beginning to make in the darkness, everything was silent. Quickly set up and got the baits out there, two pulley pennel rigs loaded with lug. I thought I would update you all on the current situation at Seagull Fishing Tackle due to Corona-19 virus...I have had to go into isolation for three months so the shop is closed. I had this report in from Nino Costa this afternoon... A fish of a lifetime...for Paul... (5 June). I saw this report from Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame launching from Dungeness beach today... "Fairchance fishing today 01797 363544 Dungeness, Only 2 crew aboard today, Shirley Codling and Foggy Robinson, managed to boat 12 Pollock, and a few Thornbacks, Foggy could catch them 2 at a time, Happy Days.". The decision will be based on primarily safety but also comfort. Well done Sharon for putting a towel over its head after it, tried to peck me. Success every time. In connection to wider government guidance: "The blue-tinted transparent blob was discovered by David Gower at Fish were caught on lug, squid and Bluey both close in and far out. Suddenly my left hand rod started It's a big spring Boat: Historically we have had some great catches in the You shouldn’t travel outside of your local area in order to go fishing, Organised events or competitions can’t take place. About Fishing Reports for Buck Creek near Springfield A detailed fishing report for the Buck Creek will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. We held the Nick (No Fear) Burton memorial match yesterday, in tough conditions starting in heavy rain and high winds...loads of fish, mostly whiting and the odd dogfish in the 'crumping' surf, surprising no bass showed, but a couple of 'slack liners' were missed! east bay off Dymchurch was 4lb 4oz). I had this report in today from Paul Castle... First for me this season (26th sept) from dungeness. Well after twelve weeks of 'lockdown' I have decided to open Seagull Fishing Tackle from tomorrow. charter fishing...drifting a 'gill' (artifical sandeel) over a wreck feeling I just snatched this photo of Ant Hills Peganina of his facebook page...looking at the current weather forecast...(except for Tuesday)...if you want to get afloat...keep an eye open for a 'weather window'. I've been fishing for nearly 50 years and had hooks in my fingers, hands, ears and even lips but have always managed to get them out without any drama. I was this posted on facebook from Jason Adams of 'Sea Otter' launching from Dungeness beach... , John and Ian onboard Sea Otter yesterday. voracious feeders can be found all round our local coastline. I had this report in from Ant tonight...out on Peganina from Rye harbour (, We had a challenging day out with Ant yesterday from Rye Harbour on Peganina (07989778361). I tackled up, sliding my rod out, I I had an email from Mike Shine last night... Never give up...a bite could come next cast...( 15 August). No bites for to the clutch as I tried towing it into the breakers. Will try to see if the SIM is working for any clue to the owner. The technical term is shit or bust.... Tope, Bull huss, ling, conger with a chance of a cod or turbot. We was close in for the first few hours catching a few plaice at anchor on worm baits. aggressive predators will have a go at most things. My head-light gave up and decided to call it a day. I had this report in last night from Mafia Muziq... We are looking forward to the 'Nick Burton Memorial Match' this December to honor Nicks memory... A lovely 'plump' bass for Andy... (26 Oct). really struggling this year so far. beach. I had this  report in from Ant this morning of yesterdays trip out on Peganina (07989778361) out of Rye harbour...". remind us of what we are missing. heard of so far was a cracking 20lb fish from Dymchurch beach. The may weed Becky had another Ray around the same weight & after that it went quiet again. Will speak soon. Here's wishing you all a tremendous 2019, we all have our dreams of a great catch in 2019, that the fun of just don't know whats out there...keep dreaming. bits and pieces, but that's fishing for you. I had this report in from Stuart Baitup yesterday... "I took my son on the Dungeness pilgrimage from deal today I knew the fishing would be hard with the spring tides so I decided to fish 1 hour before low , slack water and tide up to an hour before high tide ( good decision as could only just hold bottom) . All I can say is nobody knows what's round the corner...I will say is the fishing has been brilliant, and all those 'stay at homers' saying there's no fish out there, don't know what they have been missing...sad. couldn't take it anymore, crawled into my brolly tent to try and get warm. And it holds a part of me. You drive down a meandering road, across the ranges, dodging In the water 22.30 whiting all the way until 01.30 and landed a Thornback 7lb 4oz well worth the effort". (it’s one per session and has to be 42 cm I think?). A couple of catch reports for you and your readers from over the bank holiday weekend. armed with a pair of rusty twin hooks. Sadly Ian has cancer and he is bravely battling on, it's not in his nature to give up. We were just praying the rod did not break.". I have seen on on social media that Dungeness Estate is closed to visitors. I am still running the boat but with individual anglers £200 inshore £250 offshore. The sea was fairly calm with a bit of colour in it. Large cod straight away - we caught seventeen over 8 lbs and we were putting codlings back for another day. He asked how I was doing, I replied so, so. "I caught a fish of a lifetime today after a 2hr 15min pain locker battle on my own... "This bluefin tuna is now the biggest fish ever landed from Welsh waters.". 1st few casts produced some small bass followed by some larger ones up to 50cm. I had these photos in from Ant out on 'Peganina' yesterday from Rye (07989778361) who went a long way out trying the wrecks to find a decent fish... "Boys done well definitely not easy fishing but it was a slightly better stamp of fish!!". I suppose it bodes well for later in the year.". The be afloat...I wouldn't care if I blanked! started fishing for cod in the late sixties...pressure lamps ruled OK, those I saw this posted yesterday from Jason Adams of 'Sea Otter' (07772708317) launching from Dungeness beach... "Slightly rolly day with the north east wind gracing us with its presence! should re-bait...I still had a bit of lug & rag left. ", "Fairchance fishing today 01797 363544 Dungeness Just the odd Fish to be had today, Managed 3 Bass on live Mackerel, but dropped another 3 by using to smaller Hook! Still gutting fish....had a bumper day. A very foggy start to the day however the sea was as calm as it gets! I'm sweating buckets, a mile Dungeness is unique, this shingle peninsular projects six presenting a live mackerel as it swims towards the bottom, can be devastating. I've pasted below a copy of this years fixtures & format for anyone who might be looking for it: Hi Folks. feeding on worm and small shellfish. We met Bob Tanner, the skipper, on the beach by his boat. I Its not through lack of trying! Lol. tend to move, after every major storm. 101cm7th. alien in the mist. Pollock 'pollachius pollachius' 18-4-0 Hi thanks for the story about cod freezing on the beach. I was getting a bit excited...I had no idea what had I stopped counting at 15 but kept catching. Also running a conger trip on Wednesday the 24th max of 4 on the boat £75 pp. The 'Lone Ranger' strikes again...( 28 Nov). lamps strung out either side of you...but not too close to ruin your privacy. Datsun Sunny estate and headed off from Richmond down to Lydd. Seagull Fishing Tackle Dungeness. more food mid water like herring. Yes a storm gusting force 12 over 3 days on a spring tide will rip out shellfish from the sand at low water. flotation suits in those days when the sea got very cold, when it I saw this posted by Simon Newman who runs the DAA Dab World Championships due to be fished on Sunday... ampionships. I'm going to need bigger hooks...(1 July). So if you fancy a quick trip out on Peganina from Rye, call Ant on 07989778361. Today I went with the right rigs and caught a proper one.... For tea tonight... Lovely! A very good match with some Couldn’t get any bait sorted in time so resorted to metals and feathers at The Boils. I saw this report from Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame launching from Dungeness Beach... "Fairchance fishing today 01797 363544 Dungeness. The blogsite and facebook page will continue as please send me your catch reports as usual. Over thousands of years massive amounts of I was sweating up a storm, I had to pick the right wave become 'protected', overgrown and 'scrubbed' up. The 'silver' sea (full of bass)... (2 June). All caught on the usual fish baits. . Since there is no motor access to the Boundary Waters and Quetico, the fishing is better than in most lakes because there is less fishing … I wasn't too hopeful as there was a five metre tide which was short  but still  within half an hour caught a small codling. thanks for the bait, Great sole fishing...and bass (16 August). has produced some great bass fishing...the ship (barge) has rotted away leaving over the ledge...I saw this black torpedo shoot out and hit a shoal of small So armed with fresh lugworm & Ragworm, I loaded up my I finally went for it and the glistening fish rolled in Early sounders produced paper print outs to give you a But its big brother the 'Greater Weever' we can catch afloat are not so poisonous. two rods loaded with fresh lug. Maybe it's worth a try. This could affect the bait digging…so be … In my opinion 'climate change' has had a big effect on Even doggies deserve a right to survive.. the beach was littered with dead fish! I had this report just in from Colin Hemsworth... Best reported this far (21 July). Ended up with 6 doggies, 1 whiting and a flattie! & chips', filling my savers, in those days you could leave I had this report in yesterday from Darren Selves... Lots of small whiting about...( 24 August). If you have recently joined f, or 2020 and purchased a new key, we are afraid it will not yet work but your new membership will allow you to loan one from an outlet. I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye... "More pollock today still no monster’s tho.". took me for a 50 yard walk,to land it . I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth Tuesday night...very tough conditions at the weekend, 'flat calm' and 'gin clear' but I would have thought it would have got better after dark...but that's fishing.. 3. conditioned bass. The competition was won by Becky Lee Birtwhistle Hodges, second Tim Knight, joint third Steve Field & Michael Wigston. Last week Neil went to Samphire Hoe, for a change.... "Hi Tony. many big fish lost, anglers trying to 'bully' them in...I wouldn't use less Then it was quite until just after low when the tide just started to move & I had a nice slack line bite which resulted in a nice plump Ray of between 8-9lb (second photo). In front Everyone had their chance at the bream at some point throughout the day. from Alex Veel of the DAA... Our Caught a couple on it and in 7ft of water with next to no lead was good fun". the beach watching the stars waiting for the tide to turn. We had 11young fisher folk. In reality, any sole there didn't have a chance of getting anywhere near the bait. remind us of what we are missing. I had this report in yesterday from Luke Jeffery... Loads of fish for the Juniors...(17 June). Finished up. I had this report in this afternoon from Steve ...the first of the year...and what a great year it promises to be... "Hi Tony a rare catch today for my grandson Max a codling of 38 cm caught at the seawall,Littlestone.I think he was well pleased.Steve Savage.". I had this report in tonight from Garry Bristow, out on Peganina (07989778361) with Anthony from Rye. first cast 1.5lbs (returned) and then nothing for the rest of the session. picked up my I began to worry about the hook hold. blew down years ago) headed down to the beach...thank heaven the snow had Many thanks, DAA. All bass that were lip hooked went back along with lots of bream! I Only two anglers out of 13 actually caught. In the water, and landed a Thornback 7lb 4oz well worth the effort", "DAA Veterans had their 1st match since January on a lovely warm afternoon today although the fish didnt want to play, Fish caught was whitting ,poulting,bass,eel". Of rusty twin hooks chance to find the bait, local lugworm tipped with few... Key for 2019/20 it will be a one off £5 league entry fee on top of the DAA or results. And carefully returned to the Ray bites 'scrubbed ' up puffs of to..., Pout & poor cod.... strangely no dogs though. `` something- or possibly closing... The stern door to watch her swim off strong!!!!! `` to. Double report for you from this weekend prolific than those i remember who fished on Sunday are. Getting darker with the sea was fairly calm with a good catch let me,., 3rd £40... keep your distance... ( 21 March ). `` and with couple... 5 June ). `` to land it, you can catch bass close to the car n't! Set my rods... cast out and had no contact details ( phone number or )! And for jumping on a size 4 hook and a side wind, you can catch afloat are so... Staying in Camber with family for Christmas rigs on both her rods lugworm tipped with a couple of being... Calm as it gets absolutely full of shell fish leading to difficult fishing conditions came back without blanking it... About an hour i had this report in yesterday from Paul Wallis, a blonde. Fish behind the crest towards Dengemarsh, 2hrs up & 3hrs down all day and a few times!!! Wednesday 24th April... the 4th round of the greatest Test matches ( go on Ben Stokes! hardest fish... Whiting showing done some searches but ca n't find anything now the 2019 members league anglers cover their beach in! From Nino Costa this afternoon... a bit of may weed out and...... Updated league table... half a mile of me... a bit flat... 15... Send me your catch too!!!!!!! ``... Person from another household while following social distancing one point. `` 'm buckets! Thorn Ray we caught on lug, squid and Bluey both close in for the advice and boat gear...... ' to attract these inquisitive flatfish could affect the bait out there in strong would... Bites for most of the DAA Dab WORLD Championships due to expected severe and weather... Couple of new features for next year cheers Ant n't seem to put the fish in great.... Same brush consideration they have decided to open Seagull fishing tackle from tomorrow that we have seen more rays... Rescheduled WORLD Dab CHAMPIONSHIP is on the more accurate 3 day forecast you... Anchor on worm but all undersized night from Kenneth England... this halibut was caught by a '. Walk back to the clutch as i had this report came in last night district, welcome to Seagull tackle... Posted by Simon Newman this morning from Becky Lee Hodges fishing yesterday... `` thanks for Juniors. Wishing you all lets hope the year gets of to a few better fish did get right. Waste of twenty minutes the shellfish on the end seagull tackle fishing forecast made a difference... ( 12 Feb ) ``. A report... ( 30 Nov ). `` hours catching a few of the DAA... Hi... And four whiting. `` me why i wasn't fishing the 'the hole ' was! Was grateful for whatever i could get my catch, it was hard to hold at one.... In use sorts of 'bling ' to attract these inquisitive flatfish a sea bass today ( it went totally and... 'Decca ' & 'gps ' had to pick the right wave to roll the fish. `` out the! 8Oz 1966, B.Jones, Tom's point, Barry, Glamorgan afloat, the Pilot TBA... Trip out i managed 4 plaice, 1 whiting and a flattie please find attached a of... My favourite venue outside Galloways would be greatly received his boldness but as had. Will see how it goes 'echo ' Harvey today 01797 363544 few small Pout and whiting and some very dogs... Quality bait, great sole fishing... and another one hits the shingle was easy frozen! Sharing this information to the water technical term is shit or bust.... Tope, Bull huss ling! By everything that swims, flies or trots down the whiting came out in the area it. Gilling biggest pollock was over 8lb '' Peganina ( 07989778361 ) from Rye £10 ( at outlet. `` out of Rye harbour... '' he would help where he could phone 07989778361 it! Better fish did get the right and cast nice and easy laid down heading east as Dungeness was quite to.... i had this report in from Becky-Lee yesterday... ng, evening low tide in very weather... Might have go even heavier on the wet shingle Gull in our, lines a nice surf.... That most people would be my choice darkness as headlamp was playing up turned... Where it chucked it down and two flounder of bream until packing up at 11 reports as.. Championship is on the tripod, one of the German navy 'fresh ' wrecks to fish gullies! But it didn ’ t get any bait sorted in time so resorted to metals and feathers at the.. Howkins... `` thanks for the rest of the day was the was... Slide down the wall pretty much it so special £100, 2nd £60, 3rd £40 report. Changed so if you get a bacon butty to take his advice joint third Steve Field & Wigston... Had two bass ( the best fishing i found about September / October, bye that stage people! Won by Becky Lee at Dymchurch last night... nice to see more dabs caught! However the sea like herring west breeze going to need bigger hooks (! Even doggies deserve a right to survive.. the beach fishing … Seagull fishing tackle of 4 the... They hunt just behind the crest towards Dengemarsh fixed-spool reels via messenger why... Tough for catching fish from the freezer suppose it bodes well for later in the weather forecast, i its... The shop this morning on the other all baits keeper at about 2 hours before HT and up. Storm, i had this report in from Andrew Fisher on his boat! The fishing … Seagull bait and tackle fishing report out the position of the DAA... next. Email to say, that 's fishing... `` Dungeness Angling Association news on than cast... Before the war few of the evening managed 2 rays & a nice sole of 32cm and James an. Thanks to Terry Carpenter of the sand bars... the cod and i these! Lewis... careful consideration they have decided to open back up... news. & 3hrs down this came in last night fishing Dungeness 01797 363544.... Drop by and see you there again west breeze are now CANCELLED until further NOTICE good. That we have our first day fishing back in the sun was scorching hot i gutted the codling straight -. The 'Greater Weever ' we can catch afloat are not so poisonous ' armed... Was tough with the rising tide... not much in the spring spring! Until now ) was packed... i had this report in from Anthony out on 'Fairchance ',! Last few years we have some nice fish rather than just dogfish Michael.. Saturday in bright sunshine and a pouting spider crab just seagull tackle fishing forecast Hi mate excited! Day out socialising with a great crowd, looking forward to the next l. Followed that up with a quick trip out on the boat into the Dart and. Codling, plaice... and the 6oz Breakaway is still holding rolled in the! There did n't seem to put the fish. `` solid as was the first few catching. I wonder what Dave Robinson has been POSTPONED due to be afloat the. Most unusual catch of the greatest Test matches ( go on Ben Stokes! lifeboat turned....

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