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The Hood Smoke Range

Relief is in reach


Relief is a 96% CBD blend that soothes and comforts mind and body. It is designed to slow racing thoughts, calm fidgity muscles and encourage restful sleep. Relief is a clean C02 extracted distillate free from polyethylene glycol.

CBD-dominant blends are primarily chosen by consumers seeking:

  • a soothing nightcap before bed;
  • tranquility, to practice meditation or relax with a movie;
  •  to alleviate inflammation and pain.

Our idea of bliss

leaf BLISS

Bliss is a shatter blend that helps facilitate social experiences by promoting motivation, confidence and camaraderie. It encourages an easy confidence, soothes social anxieties and enhances bonding. Bliss is made with no added chemicals and is free from polyethylene glycol.

Shatter blends are widely used by those wanting to:

  • Enjoy a peaceful, restful sleep;
  • Let their cares slide away;
  • Fire up their appetite.

Find your passion


Passion is a 96% THC blend that produces a potent euphoric experience. It promotes psycho-activity and initiates innovative, creative thinking, helping users brainstorm ideas and appreciate music and art. Passion is not cut with additives, such as polyethylene glycol.

THC-dominant blends are typically used by those:

  • Looking to find innovative solutions to problems or new, creative ideas;
  • Engaging deeply with music, movies or works of art;
  • Enjoying meaningful connections with the natural world.


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