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leaf Frequently Asked Questions

Only Canadian residents of at least 19+ years of age can qualify for membership and place orders. On the top top left hand side of the site (person symbol), you can register to become a member. Becoming a member also makes checkouts faster purchase after purchase. Becoming a member provides you with product insight and discounts.
Once you have finished shopping, simply checkout by clicking on the shopping cart button at the top right corner of the screen to complete placing your order. Once your order has been received and confirmed, you will receive a notification by email on instructons on how to complete purchase through e-transfer.
Thank you for placing your order at Serene Farms. We are happy to accept your payment using Interac e-Transfer. We regret that no other payment methods are accepted at this time. Please carefully read and follow these instructions to avoid delays and ensure that your order is processed promptly. 1. Once we receive your order, we will email the address (the one on your order) e-transfer instructions.
Our business days are from Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and statutory holidays. Your order will be shipped as soon as we have received  and fulfilled your order (you will receive an automatic email notification). With every order, you can choose the following shipping method: Expedited (Tracking): 3 - 7 business days within Canada 2 Business Days (Tracking): 2 business days 1 Business Day (Tracking) : 1 business day
Typically packages will arrive Canadian locations within 1-7 business days (depending on your choice of shipping method). Please keep in mind that we have no control over packages once they leave our possession and are in the custody of our Carrier. Please be patient as we cannot affect the time that shipping takes and be confident that your package will arrive as swiftly as possible.
We discreetly ship all our orders in odour proof vacuum sealed packaging. The packaging is then boxed and sealed in generic unmarked bubble mailers that include tracking information as well as options for free added services at no extra charge. 1. Any package with a value of $300 or more must be sent with signature required delivery confirmation. If your preference is not to have signature required, we cannot guarantee your package and will not be held liable or responsible if it is lost or missing. 2. Safe drop permitted: The package will be left in the safest area at the destination address if no one is available to receive it. If your preference is to select safe drop permitted, we cannot guarantee your package and will not be held liable or responsible if it is lost or missing. Typically packages will arrive at western Canadian locations within 4-5 business days and arrive at Eastern Canadian locations within 6-8 business days. Please be patient as sometimes packages may experience delays which are regrettably beyond our control as we cannot manage packages once they leave our custody and are in the possession of our Carriers. When delivery to a basement suite is preferred, please include a “B” in your Address Line 2 field. When delivery to a sub-unit is preferred, please include the unit number in your Address Line 2 field. Please note that our Carriers do not have an obligation to deliver to basement suites or sub-units and often simply drop off at the main numbered street address. If your preference is delivery to a basement suite or sub-unit, we cannot guarantee your package and will not be held liable or responsible if it is lost or missing.
Sometimes our Carriers do not provide accurate information for packages shipped packages. When this happens, packages that show as “delivered” have not yet arrived and may actually still be in transit. Please do not contact our Carriers directly as they will not answer consignee inquiries about lost or missing packages and require shippers to open any inquiries. Please feel welcome to contact us and we will make every effort to locate your package.
We apologize that your package is missing some product. We strive to provide valued members like you with nothing less than the best experience possible. We want to make it right and welcome you to choose from the following options:  1) Have the missing product shipped to you for free at no extra charge.  2) Place another order and have the missing product ship in the same package, in which case we will add a special bonus sample. Please reply at your earliest convenience and let us know your preference.
Our member service agents do their best to provide helpful and insightful product information, recommendations, and suggestions. Please be advised that in no way does this substitute for professional medical advice. We strongly urge all our valued members to consult with a certified practising medical professional to receive the best possible advice about what product solutions might work best for them. Treating symptoms effectively varies for everyone what works for one person may not work for someone else because of differences in physiology and environment as well as other circumstances. Only a medical professional has the training and ability to make the best possible diagnosis about how to treat symptoms and ailments. They are the best qualified to give advice and provide treatment that is specifically tailored to each individual.

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