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leaf The Hood Smoke Range

Hood Smoke curates each THC blend to suit your desired experience.

Whether you’re looking to relax and decompress, socialize with friends, or stoke your creative fire, Hood Smoke provides the ideal vaping experience.

THC is combined with an active amount of CBD for a natural cannabis experience.

Hood Smoke uses this seasons freshest flowers in dominant indica, satvia or hybrid strains.

Relief hood smoke vape tips Serene Farms Online Dispensary


Set in a good night’s sleep

Practice seated meditation

Soothe aching muscles


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Take an afternoon nap

Zone out to a good movie

Delight in your favorite munchies


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Brainstorm business ideas

Take a stroll in the woods

Dream up your next adventure


leaf The Culture Range

Culture | Rechargeable Disposable CBD Sativa Vape Pen (150 MG) Serene Farms Online Dispensary

CBD Sativa Vape Pen (150 MG)

Culture | Rechargeable Disposable CBD Indica Vape Pen (150 MG) Serene Farms Online Dispensary

CBD Indica Vape Pen (150 MG)

BHO Vape culture vape Serene Farms Online Dispensary

BHO Vape Pen (400 MG)

Live Resin v Shatter

Serene Farms now stock both Live Resin products created by Dope Boys and Seven Star Shatter, one of the best Shatter brands on the market.  

In recent years the market for cannabis concentrates has exploded.  Convenient to use, light and small for easy transportation, simple to store and odourless for maximum discretion and, last but not least, impressive potency, it is little wonder that consumer demand is driving the production of a new range of cannabis concentrates.

With a plethora of unfamiliar products on the market it is not surprising if cannabis users can sometimes get confused by new brand names and a little unsure of the exact difference between competing products.  Two cannabis concentrates that are often confused are Live Resin and Shatter.  

Both products are available to order directly from the Serene Farms website.  But what are the differences between Live Resin and Shatter?  


Toronto, March 6, 2020

For any consumer contemplating buying cannabis concentrates online a great option is to check out the Live Resin and Shatter at the Serene Farms website.  Both forms of extract offer a number of advantages over buying flowers. By extracting the active elements from the cannabis buds, producers are able to refine cannabis into products that are small, light and easily packaged.  This means extracts are convenient to deliver, transport and store. Moreover, when these active ingredients are extracted much of the distinctive, telltale stench of marijuana is lost. There are occasions when this is a definite advantage.  And last, but by no means least, concentrates do, as you might expect, concentrate all the good things from cannabis plants into a very small amount of substance. The result is to make concentrates extremely potent – a little goes a long way.

But what , exactly, are the differences between Live Resin and Shatter?   Both are varieties of cannabis concentrate made by extracting the active elements from the raw cannabis plant.  Both processes create a solid substance that preserves these active elements in a form that is easy to store and transport, and that is convenient to consume.  The actual products of Shatter and Live Resin do, indeed, look very similar. Importantly, both the process of creating Live Resin and Shatter make substances in which the active elements of cannabis are at a much higher concentration.  In other words, it is much more potent than unrefined 

Shatter is a glass-like, usually amber-colored concentrate that, as the name suggests, is extremely brittle and can be easily broken into separate pieces.  It is produced when a chemical, usually butane, is pushed through the buds of cannabis material. This leaches out many of the molecules associated with THC, CBD and other active elements in the buds.  This results in a thick gooey liquid that solidifies into the soldi referred to as Shatter.

In comparison, Live Resin is a relatively new variety of concentrate.  The extraction process is more technical and, as it involves a number of stages, takes quite a long time.  The most significant difference and the main innovation of the Live Resin process, is that it involves cryogenically freezing the freshly harvested cannabis plant.  When extracting Live Resin, the whole of the cannabis plant is used, including flowers, leaves, branches, and stalk. The whole process is more technical,.requiring a laboratory and specially trained operative. As a result, Live Resin is usually more expensive than Shatter.

However, for many cannabis connoisseurs the extra expense is definitely money well-spent.  This is because the more complex extraction process works to preserve the subtle terpene profile of cannabis strains.  Compared to the blander scents of Shatter, Live Resin exhibits the much more of the full aroma and flavor profile of the original plants.  For those cannabis users who value the special scents and taste of cannabis, Live Resin is a winner.

Also, many cannabis consumers who use the plant primarily for its medical properties are drawn to Live Resin over Shatter as THC and, particularly, CBD work more efficiently when used in conjunction with the preserved terpenes 

What are Diamonds?

Cannabis extracts remove the active elements from the cannabis plant and preserve them in a solid substance which can be easily transported and stored and conveniently consumed.  Importantly, as they remove all the elements from the plants that most cannabis users would consider inessential and compress all the active elements together, the THC and CBD are much more concentrated.  It is not unusual for cannabis extracts to contain THC at levels higher than 80%. It goes without saying that extracts are much more potent than the usual marijuana buds and are to be consumed in very small amounts.

There are a wide-range of cannabis extracts on the market but the most potent are Diamonds.  Diamonds are best described as a crystalized extract that is becoming increasingly infamous for the fact that it is usually composed of more than 99 percent pure THC-A. 

This the very essence of the cannabis plant, distilled down to its purest, most compact form.  How Diamond producers end up with this pure nugget of cannabis is the result of multiple extraction processes, the exact details of which are jealously guarded trade secret.  However, what is clear is that extraction involves, not just Butane (as used in conventional concentrates) but also propane and C02. The extract is placed in sealed containers for a number of weeks until the solvent begins to crystallize.   

This complex process requires very specialised equipment and the expert knowledge behind it is reflected in the market value of Diamonds.  They are not called Diamonds for nothing and a just one session smoking Diamonds is unlikely to set you back less than $100.

In this isolated form, THC-A will not have any psychoactive effects if ingested.  To convert THC-A into THC requires combustion and Diamonds can be heated and inhaled in the same way as other extracts.  

It is also well worth considering that even the strongest flowers you can source are unlikely to contain more than 25% THC.  Concentrates are usually much more potent, but even they max out at between 80% and 90%. Therefore, this remarkable statistic should be a clear reminder that Diamonds are strictly for experienced smokers only.  

Diamonds can reach these ridiculous levels of potency due to the extra stages of refinement.  They are most often available in the form of small ‘gems’, ranging from the size of tiny, rice-like grains to pieces the size of gravel-sized pieces.

To consume Diamonds requires that cannabis consumers adopt a whole different mindset.  It is frankly impossible to consume something of this strength neat and no one would want to.  In other words, you do not want to be taking your Diamonds straight, you need a chaser.  

The analogy that is often is that adding Diamonds is like adding another shot of espresso to your joe, a or a measure of vodka to your cocktail.  The advantage Diamonds give you is that a small, highly concentrated dose of THC can be a useful tool and help you to be flexible. With the sensible use of Diamonds, users are effectively able to alter the ratio of THC, CBD and terpenes they are consuming.    For example, Diamonds can allow you to add a little extra THC-A crystal to shatter or wax, increasing the flavor and likely producing a more cerebral high.

The comparison to vodka is perhaps most apt.  Diamonds are colorless and flavorless and really nothing other than potency and those looking for a little complexity and subtlety in their products, Diamonds may not be your best friend.  

For those willing to search around a little, it is possible to find producers using similar extraction processes to isolate CBD.  Users with specific medical demands may find CBD Diamonds to be helpful. Other producers have taken to placing their gems of THC-A in what they term a ‘terpene bath’ or served in a ‘terp sauce’, thus giving users a more flavorful and rounded cannabis experience, rather than just the hard hit of THC.  

Finally, the most important consideration when weighing up to get into Diamonds is to always buy from a reputable producer.  The extraction process is long and complex and involves harmful chemicals, only trusted supplies should be used.  You can purchase Diamonds’ products and Cannabis budget buds at BMWO.

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