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Refer A Friend


Would you like to be rewarded with shopping price discounts on your orders?

See below on how to:


Login to your account Sign-In

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In your Account Dashboard, click on Referral Link


Copy and paste the below unique referral link to your family and friends through; text, email, Whatsapp, any other program or device.


Sign-up Discount:

For each individual that you send the referral link too AND and gets a successful sign-up, you both will automatically receive a shopping discount coupon code (valid for 30-days) in your email inbox towards your next order.

You: $10 Off

Your Friend (person you referred): $10 Off

Purchase Discount From a Sign-up Coupon:

For each coupon that came from a sign-up referral, if you use this coupon by making a purchase by entering the coupon code at check-out and placing a successful order. Both you and your friend will receive another coupon discount code in your email inbox for use on a future purchase.

You: $10 Off

Your Friend (person you referred): $10 Off

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