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This article examines two popular online dispensaries – and Serene Farms – in order to demonstrate which provides the best product and service to potential cannabis customers in Canada.  

The online dispensary situation in Canada is, to say the least, confusing.  Many sites that appear to be little more than scams may, in fact, be quite genuine.  At the same time, bonafide looking websites are often unreliable and the source of many customer complaints.  This means that not only can the incredible number of competing sites means attempting to choose the most suitable can be difficult, but it can also feel as though the risk of choosing the wrong one can be considerable.  

On top of this is the fact that while online shopping is becoming an increasingly normal, everyday activity for many people, shopping online for cannabis is very different to ordering clothes.  There are a totally different set of considerations involved in purchasing weed from a website, including issues of legality, security, safety, quality and shipping, not to mention the standard concerns of price and quality.

This article is intended to lessen some of these worries, to clarify the issues surrounding ordering cannabis from online dispensaries and to take a fuller look at and Serene Farms.  It rates the two websites in terms of a set of clear criteria, these include:

  • Range of products
  • Availability of customer service
  • Delivery 
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging 
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts)
  • Returning customers
  • Discretion
  • Safety and security.

The user’s first impressions of are good ones and they are likely to find the clear, simple design makes navigating the site both enjoyable and easy.  Product photos are particularly important and those uploaded to are a high definition and give customers an accurate idea of what they can purchase.

One aspect of that many visitors could find valuable is the Blog area of the site.  Numerous Blog posts are informative and cover many different cannabis products, such as extracts, edibles and CBD products.  However, posts on the Blog at also covers other aspects of the cannabis industry, including health, laws and regulation.  

But, of course, what every customer will naturally focus on are the products.  Most customers will be interested, primarily in the range of marijuana flowers available and these are certainly the best-selling product line at  The Flowers part of the site divides the buds according to their different type of strain. Helpfully, also provides a detailed breakdown of the difference between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains for anyone unsure or new to buying cannabis.

So what are the products you can purchase at  Every online dispensary tends to have a selection of cannabis that are the site’s prime products and best-sellers.  For the first cannabis flower that stands out is Black Diamond. This is an Indica strain originating from the fertile soils of  Northern California. Black Diamond is noted for its pleasant earthy aroma and its striking purple flowers. Black Diamond can cause strong attacks of the munchies but it is favored by weed smokers for its reputation as a social strain, ideal for encouraging users to be chatty.  From Southern California, Godfather OG is another Indica-influenced strain which exhibits spicy flavors as well as an enticing taste of grape. also stock Sativa strains such as Blue Magic which can provide a boost of energy and help the user feel uplifted.  Blue Magic also boasts fruity flavors and is a firm favorite on also stock a range of concentrates, these include products such as shatter, live resin and hash.  Shatter is quickly becoming one of the best-selling products on the site, demonstrating the increasing popularity of concentrates among cannabis users.  One particular shatter product, Pineapple Express, is gaining a great deal of attention. The name derives from the sweet, tropical flavors that have been exciting users, before they are energized by a potent buzz that stimulates the whole body.  

Another best-selling concentrate that is popular at is Blonde Morrocan Hash.  It has a particularly attractive dark auburn color that has hash aficionados purring. The quality of the high has customers coming back for more.

These are the products, so what about the price? run a Loyalty Program to enable customers who appreciate their products to make big savings.  Points are earned when you buy any product, one point is awarded for every $10 spent. An extra 25 points can be gained by writing a product review on and once customers have spent a total of $1000 at they receive a further 500 points.  Ofcourse, these points can be redeemed on future purchases. Customers looking for a bargain should also keep their eye out for the special Mix & Match promotions that enable selected products to be bought at special low prices.  

When it comes to payment, items can be checked out by sending an e-Transfer to  This can be done by anyone who has a Canadian bank account and the Cheapweed site directs you through the process.

A big advantage of is that it offers its customers free shipping all across Canada on every order over $100.  This is a very attractive minimum amount and means compares very well to other similar sites.  

Packages from are sent by Xpresspost.  It is worth remembering that orders are dispatched from British Columbia and while addresses near to this province should receive their order within 1-2 days, for locations further away this may be extended to 3-5 days.

Customer service at appears to be helpful.  General enquiries can be directed to [email protected] customer service representatives appear to respond promptly.  It’s important to remember, however, that customer’s experiences with sites such as are constantly evolving so it’s always best to check the latest customer reviews from a site such as Trustpilot.  

In general, it is clear that works well for the average cannabis shopper who is looking to buy their weed online.  But how does it compare to its rival online dispensaries?

A potential alternative website is Serene Farms.  This site is not as well known as, however, there are a number of aspects of Serene Farms that may make it a good choice for some consumers.

From the initial look it is clear that Serene Farms, very much like, has a website that is very easy to find your way around and, again like, it has a lot of educational and informative content, which can be extremely useful for novice cannabis buyers.  

But there is one specific area in which Serene Farms stands out and may have an advantage over  As you browse through the site it becomes increasingly clear that Serene Farms has a huge range of cannabis products and, what is more, these are on sale at very competitive prices.  As well as the standard prices being very reasonable, Serene Farms really stands out for its numerous special sale items and schemes that allow shoppers to make big savings. Many of the best-selling products on the site are often reduced by 10% and sometimes reductions as much as 50% are available.  For returning customers there are special offers and referral programs are a good option for anyone with a group of friends also interested in buying cannabis online.  

Perhaps the biggest advantage is Serene Farm’s Budget Buds section.  This features Serene Farm’s best-selling flowers at specially discounted prices.  This is sure to be a real attraction for anyone trying out buying cannabis as it gives them the chance to sample a range of famous strains at very low cost.  It will also likely appeal to more experienced cannabis buyers who know the strains they are looking for. Before they buy from an alternative dispensary they should check out the Serene Farms Budget Buds to see if they can find them at a special discount price.  

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