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Serene Farms Online Dispensary


free shipping Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Automatic FREE shipping on any orders over the price $99 anywhere in Canada
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Fresh discrete Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Assessed for quality, taste, and affect, our bud burns clean and is free from contaminants
Ultimate Fresh
Fresh discrete Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Nosy neighbours are no match for our unmarked boxes and smell-proof bags.
Discreet Packaging
secure Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Shop easy with site-wide SSL encryption and offline data storage.
Secure Purchasing
Join the Club
Becoming a Serene Farms Club Member is simple. Follow our quick sign-up process; once we verify your age; you are good to go!<br /> We can’t wait to welcome you to the tribe and share the products that we love.
Select your Product
Browse our curated menu. Each item has an honest, real photo, description and comments to help you decide as<br /> All images are taken in-house of the particular batch or proBrowse our curated menu. Each item has an honest, real photo, description and comments to help you decide as<br /> All images are taken in-house of the batch or product we are selling at that time.<br /> duct we are selling at that time.
Kick Back
Our team is working everyday to get our members the Cannabis products they need.<br /> All orders are shipped the same day, and every package we sent, orders arrive within 1-7 business days depending on choice of shipping method.
Member Care
We cultivate, extract, and produce everything in-house or curate items from trusted partners so you always get top quality products.
Our Value Guarantee
We guarantee if our products are not up to high quality standards as you expect, you may return for; money back, re-issued product, or store credit on your next purchase.<br /> All our reviews and comments are real and authentic.
Our Growers
We take pride in the Cannabis products our growers cultivate. Our grows are all farmed BC's Bud that is grown with love and technique. The buds are trimmed by hand and slow cured to produce smooth, clean, and flavorful smoke and vapor.
Choose the following shipping method: (within Canada)</p> <p>Expedited Shipping (Tracking), 3 - 7 business days.<br /> 2 Business Days (Tracking): 2 business days.<br /> 1 Business Day (Tracking) : 1 business day.
Private & Secure
We have done rigorous testing to ensure that our packaging is discrete and odor-free. For secure shipping, we use site wide SSL encryption and use an encryption e-mail service communication provider to ensure that your orders and conversation are kept safe and private.

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