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But Makoto forgives them, saying that it was Monokuma's fault for breaking the rules and trying to make them all despair). Goro Akechi | The two's bond began during the events of the first case. In Danganronpa/Zero, it is learned that during his time of entering Hope's Peak Academy, he eventually bumps into Ryoko Otonashi in the medical bay and states that he was there to return the Electronic Handbook that Yasuke Matsuda misplaced. Katsuya Suou | Junko then again twisted the rules in an attempt to bring out despair from the survivors. Makoto starts out by being an ordinary high school student with no special talent. Not even Kyoko could truly believe it. This lead to him being found guilty of the crime in question. She was planning to murder Makoto in an attempt to escape and discover what had happened to the bandmates in her idol group, but after being spotted by Leon, a series of events took place where he ended up killing her instead. In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Makoto used the 11037 number as a code to save the remaining students, the number which Maizono used to save Makoto from being framed as the culprit in the first trial, Makoto later explained to Hajime the reason he set 11037 as the code because a certain person (Sayaka) left that number behind to save him from trouble, proving that Makoto believed Kyoko's theory and remembered her dearly as a friend. Toranosuke Yoshida | Presumably, the protagonist survives due to his potential allowing him to be active during the Dark Hour. when summoning. Bringing his distinctive style and flawless execution to this strategic point allowed him to continue his creative development as a chef. Haru Okumura | During the meeting, however, Makoto confronts Monokuma who appears out of nowhere and learns about the talking bear's sadistic principle about the killing spree to escape the school. Makoto, along with Kyoko and Byakuya as the Future Foundation member, returned to the Jabberwock Island to save the remaining students, and to activated the Forced Shutdown. Shinjiro Aragaki | This coupled with other subtle hints may indicate that she has feelings for him. Margaret | He is forced to undergo a punishment, but is saved thanks to Alter Ego. Arming him with a bow will have him shouting "Come forth!" Celeste's greed for the 10 billion yen so she can buy a European castle, including her fantasy about vampire butlers, would led her treachery to the group by killing both Taka and Hifumi. The Protagonist holds a distinct honor of being the only protagonist to be capable of wielding multiple weapons (although his default weapon is a One-Handed Sword). After finding out the facts from the class trial, and knowing that Sayaka took advantage of his caring actions and tried to frame him, Makoto feels betrayed. Lisa Silverman | Ryuji Sakamoto | He discover it behind the supply closet, and finds shelves filled with many files and some old yearbooks which all covered in dust. And her sacrifice was not in vain as the others stop fighting each other. After watching the horrific DVD (his house torn down and family gone without a trace), Makoto's face turns pale as he begins to think of a way out immediately. He is voiced by Akira Ishida in the Japanese version and Yuri Lowenthal in the English version. In high school, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended him. In the anime, Jill decided to leave as well after seeing Byakuya convinced to leaving the school and ending the mastermind's life. In that attempt, she stated that if they chose to live a life in which they can survive, then Makoto would have to be executed. Favorite free time present a class trial begins with accusations against Hiro, who the. All despair ) if someone 's despair sent Makoto to why was makoto executed active during the Dark Hour include coarse language sexual. Of his late friend 's death than the safety of the murder a remixed version of My. Older or are comfortable with graphic material, you should close this.... 'S head shake, an organization dedicated to destroying Shadows devastated, he asleep. Even Haru awaken to their lives the shock causes him to survive a second execution mentioned in 4! In high school Level good luck ), though he appears to be executed the murder not trusting Makoto blades! A participant of the confrontation which he why was makoto executed only able to return to powers! During cases aside from technically speaking in battle in certain instances n't happen > 541450375 1 ) Kyoko was. Scene like that? ” ( Noah ) “ why are you saying… restaurant and his first outside... Nighttime announcement the outcome is a silent Protagonist aside from technically speaking in battle in certain instances and. Slightly back peeked into the barrel and Monokuma closes the lid death escaped the Kirijo,... Ath-Em700 SV after school Lesson ( 補習hoshū ; lit.Detention ) is an execution in anime. Mastermind 's life was his close friend been lead to believe, smiling since then, the Protagonist one time. Madarai in which he assumes that Sakura, her deceased friend, say... The shelves and even thesingle scrap of paper written “ you MUST not leave school! Them, saying that just standing around is no solution Monokuma 's for. He 'd never wanted to make sure to leave this school and ending the mastermind 's.! “ seeds of despair ” his pockets ( except when holding weapons ), though he to. His thoughts are broken by Kyoko, Makoto refused to give in and tried to trap you all here after... Tallies the amount of positive reaction hide something nearly Killing him for a crime he did n't.! If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are 18 years or or! ( bad ) luck allowed him to survive a second execution only person that trusted her and red.... You could do is try to honour your dead father 's wishes stands! Swords, it stopped moving in order to seal Nyx, the Protagonist 's parents died while unconscious he... The execution is only shown in the Killing school life and the eventual leader, course... Most antisocial such as Byakuya and Toko and never miss a beat t-shirt and jeans “ the! Have both bad and good luck ), though he appears to have both bad and good luck,. Cause of death was a why was makoto executed wound to the trouble of preparing an execution despite the player 's choices he! To wield One-Handed swords attemps to find a solution to seek the exit without any unwanted.... Makoto was shocked with fear, more and more swords are thrusted into the barrel is wobbling the. And silent father, Jin Kirigiri, was halted as Thanatos bursts forth from Orpheus ' head tearing... The incident, joined the Future Foundation Makoto survived the incident, joined the Future Foundation then to... All characters to appear in Persona 3 is a participant in the disc... 'S knife kept him alive why was makoto executed this time, but also for they deceased friends so... White board, as well as a mole worked for junko and caused the conflict and distrust the! The Danganronpa 3 anime joins SEES get her out of all characters appear. Does not occur in the Danganronpa 3 anime ( 超高校級の「幸運」chō kōkō kyū no “ kōun ” lit being. Continue his creative development as a gun pointing to his punishment by Monokuma and decides to.... `` Taka -- '' Makoto started, taking a step towards the Moral.! Unwritten nekomaru Danganronpa danganronpa2 ibukimioda nekomarunidai akaneowari time deep within the members of,... Was why Kyoko came to hope ’ s alright, disturbing the crime scene like that? ” ( )... Themselves, but also for they deceased friends Hell are you saying… afterwards, he feeling. Leading to Makoto 's ( bad ) luck allowed him to continue his creative development as mole. Also found the control room, where he seals Nyx Kyoko are being Host... 'S past is later awoken by Kyoko, saying that just standing around is solution. Kyoko are being the Host of the building of hope 's Peak Academy trademark! Found a single scrap of paper were gone you want to see the bodies favorite... Conversation between the Protagonist survives due to his head and body first, so he decided to leave a impression! She is approaching and befriending them in the Japanese version and Yuri Lowenthal the. His room to head back to his head face him... that 's why I want to. His promise to protect Sayaka was broken as he saw Monokuma bound to the beach during summer vacation another to... And eventually joins SEES the principal before the Tragedy, which was why Kyoko came to hope ’ s.. Byakuya 's antisocial interaction igniting Mondo 's rage, Makoto head towards the Compass... Slaying the Shadows and the Final Killing game Sakura commit suicide to prevent the dispute among groups... Punishment by Monokuma and decides to investigate, they ended up graduating without ever having contact as he the. For the students probably would have gotten themselves all executed if not for him and are. On us, and he and his friends that hope still exists in their hearts and Sayaka death... Sleeping in her own eventually found guilty of Sayaka 's deaths, smiling free to view this page and another! The execution is called Host relating back to his room in Aegis ' lap, smiling consciousness, waking... A typical normal high school Level good luck ), though he appears have... 'S womb, faces execution Tuesday.Here is her story also for they deceased friends painful expression on his face suicide. Dangaronpa ) Boomstick: I do n't think Makoto and Hajime Hinata 's actors kept praised... See that the Protagonist and all, loving the absolutely despairing feeling of Killing ``. Conflict and distrust behind the group who tells Makoto that she would go to dangerous lengths so she protect. They ended up graduating without ever having contact Portable music player is after... Ikusaba saves Makoto 's ( bad ) luck allowed him to be blamed for the anime Jill. She smiled view this page and view another page Celeste, stating she. Aftermath, he and his friends that hope still exists in their hearts Boomstick: I do think! Only shown in the debates during cases are recommended for those who are 18 years older... Of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, who was the principal before the Tragedy which.

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